About Dmitry Raevsky
He makes people truly free
Dmitry Raevsky has studied in Tibet many times.
He has over 300 disciples all around the world.

He is a wise teacher, that shares, changes life of others, therefore truly changes the world. Those who tried to change the personality know that it is almost impossible. Raevsky does it. He changes the way of thinking and that's how the life of people changes, as the life is only a reflection of how the person thinks.

He reveals a human potential in people, making those around him have deep understanding about the mechanisms of life and provoke their growth, provoke them who they are intended to be, who they are conceived.
And he does it in all areas of life, he is a leading example: In family happyiness, in friendship, in loving, in sport, in business, in healing, in modesty. Because the matter of success is not in the particular skills, but in the quality of thinking.
Dmitry Raevsky
"I was in Tibet in 1999 for the first time, and I met my Master there. Once I was walking in nearby mountains at night. The battery of my flashlight was getting flat. There was a deep crevice that was not easy to notice. And all of a sudden at the moment I almost fell I heard a voice in pure Russian next to me: "You've chosen a complicated path"... That's how I met my Master. He is a real wizard. He moves with a speed of thought, speaks without opening his mouth, can read your mind. I am happy that I met him, my life has changed dramatically since then.

I came back to Russia. I had а nice job, car, good flat, family, kids were born. But all of that... I felt like I want to kill myself. I understand that my life simply passes by and I am nobody. Kids will grow up, money will be spent, and what's next?

In 2007 I understood that it's time to do something worthy and started to gather like-minded people. I founded the school. I was travelling around the country organizing workshops. We started to go to the mountains. It's a powerfull springboard for development..."
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