Become a change
Raevsky School is a rapidly growing social movement
and a large community
We help every man to reveal sacred power of the Heart and to change the world for the better with it.
Heart relations in the family, Heart pedagogy, Heart healing, and even business based on Heart — all these are
possible with the open and trained energy of the Heart.
It is not a secret that our modern civilization is close to the social, moral, economic, and political collapse.
This complex problem has been discussed by scientists, philosophers, sociologists for many decades.
And still - there is only continuous theory and no viable solution...

But we've found the way to solve it. After ten years of trial and effort we built a new format of society.
The core solution to the complex crisis is the community, living for high ideals.

• A great goal - changing the world for real. Life is meaningless without it.

• Heart connections between people. High ethics and moral values.

• Upbringing people in love for work. Only through effort we evolve and discover our predestination. Laziness leads to degradation.

• Courage and development of inner strength (psychic energy).

This is the environment between carriers of progress,
agents of change. Sign up for Progressor course here.
Where do all these technologies come from?

Dmitry Raevsky got these technologies in Tibet, in 1999, where he met a Master of Shambhala and he was taken as a disciple to study.

Dmitry recieved a task to build a Community of the Future where new relat
ionships based on Heart would be between people and it would be as a basis of a New Era.

Shambhala claims that the whole world will change, and the Epoch of Heart will start.
Shambhala is the abode of the Masters of Mankind, such as Buddha, Christ, Plato, Confucius, Krishna.

It has been in the mountains of Tibet for thousands of years. All the known wisdom was given to the world by Shambhala Teachers. The wise men who live there have known immortality and great mysteries of the cosmos. Their main goal is the evolution of humanity.

For many centuries the path to Shambhala was hidden because of the unpreparedness of people. But in our time the Teachers reopen the way to those, who are ready to dare - to approach Shambhala and show their willingness to serve humanity.
Video. Expedition to Shambhala 2017. Roerich museum. New-York.
Expedition to Shambhala
We were at the walls of Shambhala, and in this video Dmitry Raevsky, the founder of the School, talks about our expedition in Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York.

Dmitry speaks about:
  • his first meeting with a Mahatma of Shambhala,
  • encountering the Yeti, guardians of sacred areas,
  • the order that he received at the walls of Shambhala,
  • the upcoming events that will occur soon - and much more.
    We are fighters. The fighters for the Truth. Why for it?
    Because where the Truth is, there is the freedom, equality, evolution, joy and future. The Truth gives the power of going forward, it is like a beacon in the endless ocean of chaos, and it is a reference point for our souls' lights.

    We are builders. We are building New World. New World is based on Love. What is this Love?

    It is the Love of eternity in people. Love of service to mankind and development. Such Love can change the movement of our evolution and development.

    We are mountaineers. The mountains are our true home.
    In the mountains, the wind of eternal progress is revealed to us, it is the place where we touch the true infinity living beyond our minds. Why mountains? They break through human limitations to the stars.

    We are creators.
    We are creating a new society, a new reality and new future.
    Are you one of us?