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We are fighters. The fighters for the Truth. Why for it?
Because where the Truth is, there is the freedom, equality, evolution, joy and future. The Truth gives the power of going forward, it is like a beacon in the endless ocean of chaos, and it is a reference point for our souls' lights.

We are builders. We are building New World. New World is based on Love. What is this Love?

It is the Love of eternity in people. Love of service to mankind and development. Such Love can change the movement of our evolution and development.

We are mountaineers. The mountains are our true home.
In the mountains, the wind of eternal progress is revealed to us, it is the place where we touch the true infinity living beyond our minds. Why mountains? They break through human limitations to the stars.

We are creators.
We are creating a new society, a new reality and new future.
Are you one of us?

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