Introduction. Lively freedom
What does it mean
to be free and happy?
One day I heard a phrase that touched me to the heart: "Only those who are moving to Freedom are happy. Where there is no freedom, there is no happiness." I was shocked by such a simple thought.

Indeed, the whole history of mankind is the history of obtaining freedom and losing it. The whole story of each person is a story of obtaining and losing freedom. We get education in order to be more educated, to make better decisions, not to fall for manipulations. That is - not to become a victim of hostile influence. And, in the end, to be more free.

Turmoils make us weaker, more unfree - if we can't cope with them. But if we were able to make the right decision and overcome stress, there is more resistance to stress in us, and therefore more freedom.

We strive to create a family to protect our inner world from shocks and stresses, because a family can be able to protect a person from them. We want to be stronger, independent and richer in order to have greater freedom and then - happiness.

But, independence from circumstances, is it really freedom that leads to happiness? What does it mean to be free and happy? Are there those who really achieved this, in the material or spiritual spheres? If so, what does it look like? Is it possible to achieve happiness by gaining only material or only spiritual freedom? Or they should somehow be combined?

These questions were the main topic for me throughout my life. I always looked for answers, trying hard, making mistakes, failing, rising up again and groping in the darkness of my ignorance. The result of my quest is this book.

Here are the answers, real ones, tested by the experience of life. Have I achieved happiness, realization, a combination of spiritual and material freedom? Indeed, yes. Therefore, I can share the experience that I have. Experience of obtaining live freedom.
Chapter 1. The power of thought
Therefore, to control the power
of thought and achieve this lever
of freedom is possible for everyone.
"Your whole body, from wingtip to wingtip, is nothing more than your thought itself, expressed in a form you can see." Jonathan Livingston Seagull

"Is that really true? Is it possible to learn how to use the power of thought in order to change yourself, your body, temper, and even society? "- I had this question after reading this phrase. What if you grasp at least a little of this method, catch a bird-thought in your hand and then... then there's not even enough imagination of what can be achieved. The world of great opportunities will open up, and this is the beginning of True freedom.

Not to wait and not to endure, but to actively change yourself and everything around. To learn how to quickly overcome what is usually holding us back - our limits. Our ideas about ourselves are also thoughts. Our ideas about others are also thoughts, and in these concepts we live. By changing ideas we can change everything around. Under the pressure of thought, matter bends. By changing our thoughts we change the quality of action, plans and get different results. By changing the thoughts we change the relationships between people and where there was a quarrel, cooperation can begin.
But is it possible to act by a thought in itself, without mediums of plans or relations, by pure thought? Definitely, yes.

The power of thought can be such that any boundaries invariably fall before the pressure of it, if you know how to apply this leverage. And the expansion of borders is the acquisition of freedom!

And after all, every person on the earth can think. Therefore, to control the power of thought and achieve this lever of freedom is possible for everyone.
But how to find it?
To be continued...