Our courses
Progressor course
Who is a Progressor? Progressor is the homo futurus. It is the person of new evolution, new mind, new horizons.
Progressor always strives to develop society and himself. He/she is an altruist living in the present,
but always striving for the future.

Anyone can become a Progressor.
This is not a profession, but a state of mind, open heart, developed psychic energy
and knowledge of cosmic laws. Progressor is the power of change.

People transform even by being near such fiery individuality.
We train and conduct the transformation of each student in Progressor course.

"I think therefore I am." — Decartes
Our thoughts form our reality, therefore the first step in the transformation is the change of mind.

We instill completely new paradigm of thinking,
and this system of transformation has no analogues in modern history.
Tibetan healing with the heart
Alongside with the mind development, the heart should be awoken.
Human heart is a world unexplored.
Rude concept of it just as a "muscle motor" is the result of modern ignorance.

Heart is infinitely more powerful and harbors more mysteries than the human brain.

In our school we activate a link with the world of the heart. As a result, the entire life of human transforms.
Like the sun comes back to the winter world — and
the spring begins!
Quality and volume of psychic energy is the main supporting factor of our development.

Psychic energy can be activated and grown.
It is easier activated in the certain mountain areas under the influence of cosmic energies and strong physical and spiritual tension.

Rising psychic energy gives an ability to learn healing and deepens mind transformation.