"I thought that I should feel pleased when I am a patient. And it turned out that I feel much happier when I'm in the role of a healer! "Healing Program participant

Dmitry Raevsky
"Hello, my name is Raevsky. I am the founder of this school and I invite you to familiarize with me, my team, and with our worldview. Our ideology touches upon the questions of how the world is arranged, the structure of human inner world, his psychology, and by what laws all this is governed.
With the help of this knowledge, you can change yourself, your environment, and if you have enough courage, then the whole world. Yes, we will give you working algorithms for changing. And also you will learn about our dream and how we implement it. Perhaps at the end of the orientation course you will understand that we are your team of like-minded people."
This course is created to show people the healing can be achieved by anybody. We will introduce to you new method of Tibetan healing – Heart Healing Method (HHM).
This unique healing was discovered by cooperation with Shambhala.
Whole course is divided by three sectors.

First sector. Three weeks.

Learn how to heal with hands

1. Shambhala healer. Who is it? What is he motivated by? The main characteristics of the healer, different types of illnesses and how they can be treated without medical influence.

2. How to calm down the mind, how it limits our abilities and detains us in illusions.

3. Psychic energy. What is it and why is it necessary for healing? How it can be accumulated and increased.

4. Psychosyntesis. The nature of psychosomatic illnesses, how to treat them by psychosyntesis, and prevent their future formation.

5. Algorithm of the hand healing. Its negative and positive sides.
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Dmitry Raevsky has a wide healing expierence. He has cured more than 1500 people with various diseases over 20 years.

The main method of healing is the heart healing, love healing and awakening the psychic energy. He was given this method in Tibet. He has more than one hundred students that have learned his healing methods and widely use it in everyday life.

Dmitry's goal is not to heal everyone. His goal is to teach people to help each other. The Heart and the power of the Heart can be trained. Every person can learn this art.

The Healing course by Raevsky School is meant to open people's hidden potential and to protect their children and their family from various troubles.

Everyone can be happy and live happily, because the real happiness is in the Heart.
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