"Be the change you want to see in the world." — Mahatma Gandhi

Dmitry Raevsky
"Hello, my name is Raevsky. I am the founder of this school and I invite you to familiarize with me, my team, and with our worldview. Our ideology touches upon the questions of how the world is arranged, the structure of human inner world, his psychology, and by what laws all this is governed.
With the help of this knowledge, you can change yourself, your environment, and if you have enough courage, then the whole world. Yes, we will give you working algorithms for changing. And also you will learn about our dream and how we implement it. Perhaps at the end of the orientation course you will understand that we are your team of like-minded people."
Progressor class. Become the Change.
In each of us lives the one, who is always hungry for changes, the great transformer who leads the way. But for some reason we limit him to transformation of little puzzle of this world – personal life. And as the result, his limitation leads to our failure in life.

Progressor class is the product of years of research on the purpose of human life and his potentiality. All revealed technologies for the formation of a human of new epoch are the result of cooperation with Shambhala and Western methods for achieving efficiency.

First Sector. Three weeks.

1. Progressor. Who is it? What is he motivated by? How does he differ from others?

2. Lively Freedom. What is it and how it is different from our understanding of freedom. What we really need to be free from to be efficient.

3. Transformation. Why we need to transform, what we really transform, and why most of the time personal growth does not work as we expect it.

4. The nature of our mind. How it influences on our development and how to calm it down.

5. Predestination. Algorithm of finding our real path.

6. Intellect transformation by touching lively knowledge.

Ask yourself: am I brave enough to live a life full of adventure, development and change? A life full of boldness, feat, and deep self-awareness as a part of the Universe? Is your answer yes? Then maybe you are one of us, one of the progressors.
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." — Steve Jobs
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