Dmitry Raevsky received all technologies of man and society transformation from the sacred Shambhala.

Shambhala is the abode of the Masters of Mankind, such as Buddha, Christ, Plato, Confucius, Krishna.

It has been in the mountains of Tibet for thousands of years. All the known wisdom was given to the world by Shambhala Teachers. The wise men who live there have known immortality and great mysteries of the cosmos. Their main goal is the evolution of humanity.

For many centuries the path to Shambhala was hidden because of the unpreparedness of people. But in our time the Teachers reopen the way to those, who are ready to dare - to approach Shambhala and show their willingness to serve humanity.
Expedition to Shambhala
We were at the walls of Shambhala, and in this video Dmitry Raevsky, the founder of the School, talks about our expedition in Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York.

Dmitry speaks about:
  • his first meeting with a Mahatma of Shambhala,
  • encountering the Yeti, guardians of sacred areas,
  • the order that he received at the walls of Shambhala,
  • the upcoming events that will occur soon - and much more.
Video. Expedition to Shambhala 2017. Roerich museum. New-York.