Tibet - Shambhala
Shambhala is the incredible mystical place, where the strongest energies pulse - the ones that can change a person's life.
Each culture has its own legends about Shambhala: in Russia it is Belovodie, in ancient Greece is Mount Olympus, in Germany it is the Brotherhood of the Grail,
in India - Mount Meru.

This is the sacred territory where Buddha went to find the secret knowledge, where Christ lived for many years, to where in the last century the Roerichs came.

If you are striving to understand the meaning of life and your purpose,
if you wish to make the world better and become such changer yourself - then this track is what you are looking for.

Shambhala is protected by Bigfoots. They guard this place from curious tourists and crooks. They act in subtle yet effective ways: for example instill great horror or complete unwillingness to move on. Thus they turn away the unwanted visitors.

Only a truly spiritual seeker can approach Shambhala.
"Snow maiden" Nicolas Roerich, 1937
Nicolas Roerich, "Heart of Asia". Shambhala. 1929

"The "Statesman," the most reliable newspaper of India, published the following experience related by a British major:
"Once before sunrise while camping in the Himalayas, the major went from his camp to the neighboring cliffs to see the majestic snow-capped outlines of the mountains. On the opposite side of the gorge rose a high rock. Great was his astonishment when through the morning mist he noticed on the rock the figure of a tall man, almost naked and with long black hair. The man was leaning on a high bow, attentively watching something behind the rock. Then, apparently noticing something, the silent figure, with great strides, leaped down the almost vertical slope.
Completely amazed, the major returned to the camp and asked the servants about this strange apparition.

But to his utter surprise, they took it quite calmly and with reverence told him:
"Sahib has seen one of the snowmen, who guard the forbidden region.'"
We asked a lama about the snowmen and again the answer came in a surprisingly calm and affirmative way:
"These snowmen are very rarely seen. They are the faithful guardians of the Himalaya regions, where the secret Ashrams of the Mahatmas are hidden. Formerly even in Sikkim we had several Ashrams of the Mahatmas. These wise Mahatmas of the Himalayas direct our lives through unceasing work and study. They master the highest powers. As ordinary people, they appear in various places, here, beyond the ocean and throughout Asia..."
Bigfoot's trace
Bigfoot's traces
Bigfoot's nest
What does it take to get close to this sacred area?

This trip is only for disciples of the School.

The first step is to prepare your mind and morality.
An unprepared and selfish person will dissonate with the refined energies there and his psyche will begin to break down.
In order to avoid this, it is necessary to transform consciousness and thinking.

To achieve this, we created Progressor course. On the course you will get acquainted with the structure of your mind and Nous, understand how to naturally expand consciousness and how to start thinking on a completely different, preterhuman level.

You will get depper acquainted with the notion of altruism, its importance in human development - and so much more...
During the Progressor course you will prepare for transformation and spiritual growth in the mountains.

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